Welcome to Dramatic Destiny!

This is the companion website for Rae’s creative works. With Ventuso, the first book in the series The Lunar Cycle, almost complete I figured I’d better dust off the website that has been waiting around patiently since 2012 and get it spruced up ready to hopefully receive some visitors.

As well as various smaller tweaks and edits, I’ve added a new section called Art. Within Art, you’ll find a beautiful picture by the very talented Michiru Bokido. You’ll also find a significantly less beautiful picture that was done by me, which depicts an event with Slade and Eve that happens in Ventuso’s Chapter 2.

I also now have a Twitter feed (look to the right) for those exciting book related thoughts that might cross my mind and need sharing. Assuming I have any. We’ll see-!

Stay tuned for further updates.

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