Three Friends
The answers to a few frequently asked questions. More will be added as more questions are asked!

What is Dramatic Destiny?
Dramatic Destiny is the website companion for Rae’s creative works, primarily The Lunar Cycle series. 

Where can I get the books?
Right now, no-where! But Ventuso is coming soon…

How long is it going to take for each book to be released?
Unfortunately, a long time. I have a young family and full time day-job, so I don’t get as much time to write as I’d like. If my books ever become popular enough to allow me to reduce my working hours in order to write part or full time, they will appear a lot quicker!

Why are the books in The Lunar Cycle series written in first person?
A number of the characters originate from roleplayed stories, where you assume the personality of the character(s) you are portraying. By its nature, roleplaying stories unfold in a first person perspective. I chose to write in the same style, as that is the form in which the characters are familiar to me. I also enjoy being able to describe more of their thoughts and feelings about the unfolding adventure than is usually found in a third person format.

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